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Great Storage – Just outside Midland in Sanford, 2 minutes south of US-10!

And now in Clare – Pioneer Storage is here to serve you!


Do you need to store the contents of your home while you await your new house to be built?  Are you downsizing your home space and you have items you can’t take with you, but don’t want to part with?  Let our friendly and professional staff at Mustang Storage and Pioneer Storage come to your rescue.

Storage Units

A storage unit is a facility that rents space to individuals or businesses where items are stored. These items are not covered by the facility’s insurance, so if you want that added layer of protection, you should seek out renters insurance for your items. You are given your own key to access the unit to add or remove items at your convenience. Stop by Mustang Storage and Pioneer Storagetoday to find out more information.

Welcome to Sanford and now in Clare

Sanford, Michigan, is a quiet and safe place to live. Located in Midland County, Sanford was first home to Native Americans dating back as early as 7000 BC. Here are some more fascinating facts about Sanford.
• Prehistoric animal skeletons have been found in the area, including Mammoth skeletons!
• Douglas Houghton was the first Michigan geologist to learn of flowing salt brine in the area. He discovered it in 1837.
• Charles Sanford platted the area in 1870.
• John Brooks was a veteran of three different wars. He settled in Sanford in 1870. He passed away at the age of 102 years.